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Most businesses these days have a concern over energy costs. As it cuts deeper and deeper into their operating costs every year they’re realizing peak oil is going to affect their bottom line. The days are long gone for cheap oil and gas, and hydrocarbons are not renewable and are becoming an expensive part of their overhead.

Some companies are turning to all kinds of energy saving methods. Some are constructing their stores or building to reflect these realities.  In areas where they are allowed some are even turning to wind power to for their energy needs. The good news is that there are numerous programs created to help cover the cost.

Using wind power technology is not a new solution. For many years since the early 1930s, farms would install wind turbines to pump their wells and provide electricity to their homes. Many are turning back to this technology again, but now they’re aided with a plethora of rebates and tax incentives both federal and state; and many may even qualify for state or federal grant money. Browse below for related articles and incentives your business may qualify for.

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