Energy Grants For Schools

Are you a school administrator or principal? Energy incentives are growing in supply for U.S. schools and many are already taking advantage. There are many school grants for those schools that are looking for them.

In California, San Gabriel schools won $520,000 in A+ For Energy Grants. They will use this money to teach about energy conservation, and they will be implementing a project where they collect biodiesel fuel from restaurant’s excess grease in the area. Their focus will be low-cost biodiesel as an alternative energy source.

Michigan schools in Macomb and Huron County have already successfully availed them selves to these programs. These grants allow the schools to not only educate the student about renewable energy but implement some energy savings systems of their own.

These are only few of the school grants available and there are many more on this site find under states and federal programs. Below are all the energy incentives available to schools provided at the Federal, State and local levels. Browse the programs and find one or more that fits your needs!

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