Residential Solar Power

Finally the day has come when it is cost-effective to incorporate residential solar power for your energy needs. The sun is free, but for many years the cost of the materials to produce energy from the sun far exceeded the cost of petroleum energy. Now that is all changing and the world is realizing what peak oil means to their pocket books and they are looking for alternatives to keep their lives from returning to the 19th century.

At this time in the United States, 85 percent of our energy needs are supplied by oil, gas and coal. Only four percent is supplied by solar energy. This is bound to change dramatically in the next decade as we are weaned off these non-renewable sources.

Currently, a homeowner can expect have their residential solar power system to pay for itself from anywhere between five to 15 years depending on the rebates and tax incentives it their area.

There are many solar loans available to home owners as well.  The technology has made great strides since it was first invented. People have so many choices to fit their needs, such as solar shingles, which are very cutting-edge and address problems with installation. It’s a great time to look into residential solar energy as there are many venders who hold your hand through the whole educational and installation process. The sun could potentially supply 10,000 times our energy needs. Before you decide on a project, check the numerous residential solar incentives currently being offered at the Federal, State and local level. Below is a current list.

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