Solar Hot Water Rebate Information

By installing an energy-efficient hot water heater, you can save 50 to 80 percent off the water heating portion of your utility bill. This can add up to a $200 to $300 saving for the average family of four. In some states there are very good rebates for those having a system installed. Florida is one that is giving exceptional rebates this year. Some cities and town offer them as well, like in Bryan, TX. BTU offers a rebate of $1500 for existing homes and $1000 for new homes in their customer service area.

Many of these solar hot water rebates are available all over the country, unfortunately you must find them. They aren’t always advertised anywhere except online. They also change from one year to the next, but patience is key since it is likely that eventually they will come to your area. That is the time to take advantage of them — before they are gone again! When these rebates are available they can make having a system installed very cost effective when your cost is cut deeply enough. It means the system will have paid for it’s self much faster.

Check below to see if your state or city currently offers a rebate, or check from the state list to the right.

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