What is LIHEAP?

There are federally funded low income home energy assistance programs in every state. It’s called LIHEAP, it is implemented by the states and offers help low income homes with high energy burdens.

What is offered or available to low income homes is financial assistance towards energy bills, emergency help if utilities have been turned off, weatherization of homes to make them more energy efficient, possible replacement of some types of appliances.

Since this is controlled through each state they do very in what they offer. Some states give pay a utility bill for a low income family no more than once a year. They offer grants to pay for a free home energy evaluations to all household regardless of income.

Often they offer help in weatherization of low income homes regardless if they own them. They will provide money or help in insulation need for the home or units attics.

The LIHEAP site: http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/ocs/liheap/grantees/states.html


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