Cash For Refrigerators

Cash For Refrigerators – Coming Soon!

October 14, 2009 — Forget about the “Cash For Clunkers” program, soon we will have a “Cash For Refrigerators” program — and I’m not just talking about refrigerators! The Department of Energy is about to give out $300 million in a new rebate program, much like the wildly popular clunker program, where consumers who purchase a new energy-efficient appliance can qualify for a for a significant rebate.

The best part is that unlike the auto rebate, you won’t be required to lug in your old, dirty and leaky appliance.

The plan is marked to start at the first part of 2010 and each state will have to submit their own plans and requirements.

For more information, you can go to InYourState.htm and find your state official. will be following this rebate plan and will provide updates and details in the future.


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